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White Mini Description:

White - the well-known car maker's company. During the existence of the company, under the sign of the "White" were released 37 models of cars (White Labatts Streamliner, White WA-20, White M3 Halftrack and others). We tried to collect the maximum number of known White cars models and introduce you with gallery of all models of the White company.

List of All Models of White:
Mark Model Full Model Name System ID Info Page
White Freightliner coe White Freightliner coe 5010 White Freightliner coe
White M3 Halftrack White M3 Halftrack 2153 White M3 Halftrack
White Model 805T White Model 805T 4200 White Model 805T
White Road Boss White Road Boss 16628 White Road Boss
White Special truck White Special truck 12140 White Special truck
White TAD 3 Ton Flatbed White TAD 3 Ton Flatbed 5429 White TAD 3 Ton Flatbed
White Road Commander 2 White Road Commander 2 7037 White Road Commander 2
White Fire Truck White Fire Truck 8972 White Fire Truck
White Pumper White Pumper 9150 White Pumper
White 704 Bus White 704 Bus 3289 White 704 Bus
White 3000 White 3000 2944 White 3000
White Freightliner halfcab White Freightliner halfcab 5650 White Freightliner halfcab
White M14 half-track White M14 half-track 2326 White M14 half-track
White Compact 1500 White Compact 1500 7839 White Compact 1500
White WA-20 White WA-20 1081 White WA-20
White Model 30 White Model 30 24193 White Model 30
White Half Track White Half Track 7346 White Half Track
White 4964 White 4964 3341 White 4964
White WCA64 White WCA64 5312 White WCA64
White Labatts Streamliner White Labatts Streamliner 68 White Labatts Streamliner
White Road Boss II White Road Boss II 27580 White Road Boss II
White Compact White Compact 16559 White Compact
White Bus White Bus 24761 White Bus
White WCA64T White WCA64T 11937 White WCA64T
White Scout Car White Scout Car 2213 White Scout Car
White Model 810T White Model 810T 2218 White Model 810T