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Jelcz Mini Description:

Jelcz - the well-known car maker's company. During the existence of the company, under the sign of the "Jelcz" were released 17 models of cars (Jelcz M121MB, Jelcz Hydromil, Jelcz 315 and others). We tried to collect the maximum number of known Jelcz cars models and introduce you with gallery of all models of the Jelcz company.

List of All Models of Jelcz:
Mark Model Full Model Name System ID Info Page
Jelcz PR Jelcz PR 22203 Jelcz PR
Jelcz M121M Jelcz M121M 6512 Jelcz M121M
Jelcz PR110 Jelcz PR110 31641 Jelcz PR110
Jelcz 422 Jelcz 422 5164 Jelcz 422
Jelcz T1203 Ewa Jelcz T1203 Ewa 3436 Jelcz T1203 Ewa
Jelcz 120M3 Jelcz 120M3 10010 Jelcz 120M3
Jelcz M121MB Jelcz M121MB 665 Jelcz M121MB
Jelcz Hydromil Jelcz Hydromil 2181 Jelcz Hydromil
Jelcz Unknown Jelcz Unknown 3959 Jelcz Unknown
Jelcz M120 Jelcz M120 8756 Jelcz M120
Jelcz M11 Jelcz M11 6326 Jelcz M11
Jelcz 316 Jelcz 316 5113 Jelcz 316
Jelcz 043 Cabrio Jelcz 043 Cabrio 5439 Jelcz 043 Cabrio
Jelcz Syfon Jelcz Syfon 3631 Jelcz Syfon
Jelcz S 622D AL Jelcz S 622D AL 6654 Jelcz S 622D AL
Jelcz 315 Jelcz 315 2205 Jelcz 315
Jelcz M083C Libero Jelcz M083C Libero 12444 Jelcz M083C Libero